Windows 10 Update: Scams & More Scams

Week of 11/27/15 — Recently I had a client call me after hours to ask my opinion on something. He said he’d received a call from “Microsoft” stating they’d detected some problems with his computer. I wondered “did they ask you to let them log-on to your computer?…” and he said “Yes.” I informed him to immediately shut the computer down to disconnect them.

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Windows 10 Update — Thumb Drive Backup

Week of 11/7/15 — This week I had a call from an individual who I go to church with. His son had recently updated both his computer and his mother’s computer to Windows 10. He said the computer worked OK for a few days and now won’t start. He’d had a power outage and his computer didn’t shut down properly. Once that happened, it corrupted his Windows 10 installation. What Microsoft doesn’t tell you with the advertising about the “free upgrade” to Windows 10, is that the installation creates a new Windows 10 installation key that is needed for reinstallation. They also don’t tell you that you need to create a USB thumb drive Recovery Drive. One of the plusses of the upgrade is that it doesn’t overwrite the recovery partition on the existing hard drive. I was therefore able to get his computer restored to Windows 7. In this client’s case, his hard drive wasn’t damaged and the reinstallation of Windows 7 went well. I also backed up his data by remotely accessing his hard drive so he didn’t lose any valuable data either.

Windows 10 Update — 11-2-15: Fruitful Week

windows-10-error-code-80200056-wind8appsWeek of 11/2/15 — This has been a fruitful week with the ongoing Windows 10 Upgrade saga. The most common upgrade error I’ve seen (Error # 8007005) has been driving me (as well as most other technical professionals worldwide) nuts for a few months. I had a client’s machine at my office for some restorative maintenance. They were going to be traveling out of town for five days, and decided to upgrade the computer to Windows 10. I got the dreaded Error # 8007005 after downloading and attempting the installation. I researched the issues for three days, as time allowed between other service calls, and finally found a solution on Wednesday. This issue has to do with permissions and by using a couple of third party utilities to correct the issues was able to successfully complete the Windows 10 Upgrade. Continue reading

Windows 10 Update — 10-23-15: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Week of 10/23/15 — So in another week it will be Halloween? How time flies. We continue to keep abreast of the how things are going in the Windows 10 upgrade saga.

The client I had at the office last week (whom we tried to upgrade and got the message from Microsoft that all their servers were busy and to try again later), called me two days later and said the upgrade completed overnight! Well at least we know his machine is in great shape but it would have been nice if we’d know they were going to do the upgrade without us agreeing to it.

Windows 10 Update: Deferring to 2016

Week of 10/16/15 — This has been a compelling week with the Windows 10 upgrade project. We’ve actually had some Microsoft office software that was activated and running well on a computer suddenly become inactivated by Windows 10. At this point, we’re waiting for a resolution of this issue from Microsoft.

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