Tech Tips: Recovery Drives

12/24/15 — For those of you who have updated your Windows 10 to the November 2015 update, be sure to update your original recovery drive. You can click on the search icon and type in “create” and an option will come up for creating a recovery drive.

To update, simply insert the original media you used and proceed. It will format the drive and install the latest versi20151224_Windows-10-Updateon of the operating system on your media. Make sure you have no other thumb drives or external hard drives plugged in as you don’t want to erase the wrong drive! If you don’t update, and you ever have to do a reset, it will take you back to the point in time of the first recovery drive.

I had to do a Windows 10 reset on my own business computer last week. The neat thing is it leaves all the personal files and folders in place. The not-so-neat thing is that
it removes all of your programs. You then have to reinstall every program and application you had on your computer. I spent two days getting things back to normal. One feature that helped during the Windows 10 reset, was that it created an html document that’s then saved to the desktop. It explicitly outlines which programs and applications were removed!

It’s that time of year when all the scams just keep coming. I’ve received fake dunning notices with a supposed statement attached, fake delivery failure notifications for packages, and other sundry attempts to get me to click on a link or open an attachment. Just continue to be wary as this will continue for the foreseeable future. I’ve had two clients call me this week that they’ve gotten a notice on their desktop that their computer was corrupted asking them to call a toll-free number for assistance. One of these was from their banking site. Unfortunately these hackers put things up that are usually quickly discovered and removed by company administrators, but in the short time they’re up they infect lots of people! Stay aware, and if in doubt, call us.

Speaking of the season, we wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

— Tom FitzGerald, President
Shamrock System Solutions

For those that have already upgraded, make sure to take advantage of the video training referenced in the RECAP portion of this email below.



Thanks to the people at for developing such great media. I recommend to those individuals and companies planning to upgrade, to download and observe the tutorials either before, or shortly after, the upgrade as it will definitely make the transition much easier.

We recommend that when the upgrade comes back to the Windows 10 login and then asks if you want to use “express settings,” you don’t do so. On the left side of that page is a customize link that will allow you to set how much, if any, information you want to share with Microsoft.

I’m still recommending the corporate clients, especially those with specialized software that runs their businesses, to hold off on doing the upgrade. We’ll continue to do upgrades on those clients at their quarterly service appointments.

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