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Week of 12/11/15 — Windows 10 November Update includes a bunch of new features and changes that surely will improve the overall experience of the operating system. This update brings improvements to the “Start” menu to allow users to have a fourth column of tiles, updated context menus throughout the operating system, and Cortana gets smarter with handwriting recognition and missed call notifications. The Microsoft Edge browser also gets performance and security improvements and tab preview, and a lot more.

I had the opportunity to observe the update being installed on a client’s Windows 10 computer this week for the fi20151211_Windows-10-Updaterst time. Microsoft is sending the update out in small batches to all Windows 10 computers and my own hasn’t done the update yet.

I was surprised to see the update reboot and look just like the upgrade process for previous operating systems with the only difference being the screen showed “Windows Update” instead of “Windows Upgrade.” The update went through the same 3 stages of downloading, installing, and configuring. It took about 45 minutes. When finished it rebooted and then there were a couple of surprises. The first was a notification that the “Bing bar” had been uninstalled as it was no longer compatible with Windows 10. The second notification was that the client’s antivirus had been uninstalled as it wasn’t compatible. I proceeded to download the antivirus but before I could do so, I got another message stating that the compatible version was available for download. This is good news as it means hardware and software companies are now finally getting their products up to date. I clicked on the download and install the antivirus software with no problems.

The update changed the screen resolution, the size of the mouse pointer, and a few other settings to the Microsoft default settings. After changing these back to the client’s personal preferences, he was good to go.

I thought that those of you who have purchased computers with Windows 10 installed, or those who have already done the upgraded, would like to know what’s coming. Just let it do its thing and everything should be fine. Remember that you may not get this update immediately and Microsoft is sending it out a little at a time.

— Tom FitzGerald, President
Shamrock System Solutions

For those that have already upgraded, make sure to take advantage of the video training referenced in the RECAP portion of this email below.



Thanks to the people at for developing such great media. I recommend to those individuals and companies planning to upgrade, to download and observe the tutorials either before, or shortly after, the upgrade as it will definitely make the transition much easier.

We recommend that when the upgrade comes back to the Windows 10 login and then asks if you want to use “express settings,” you don’t do so. On the left side of that page is a customize link that will allow you to set how much, if any, information you want to share with Microsoft.

I’m still recommending the corporate clients, especially those with specialized software that runs their businesses, to hold off on doing the upgrade. We’ll continue to do upgrades on those clients at their quarterly service appointments.

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