Warning About the Warning

stealing-credit-card-internet_largeI’ve had several client’s get fooled by a rogue link on websites that triggers a message “Warning, warning your computer is infected. Call this number now!” If you should ever receive this message, simply restart your computer and it will go away. You’ll be tempted, but don’t call the number given or let anyone log on to your computer. Their trick is that if you allow them access, they’ll install a virus and then charge you to remove what they’ve put on. Continue reading

Windows 10 continues and so do the hackers!

S3_greenfinal-close-cropIt’s been a while since I’ve sent out any updates on the Windows 10 upgrade. Since my last post, Microsoft has moved from the upgrade being optional to automatically installing it without the user’s permission. If they can reduce their support to one operating system by eliminating the need to support Windows 7 & 8, they will cut their costs dramatically! Of course this may not be in the best interests of the user community. Continue reading

Tech Tips

Week of 12/11/15 — Windows 10 November Update includes a bunch of new features and changes that surely will improve the overall experience of the operating system. This update brings improvements to the “Start” menu to allow users to have a fourth column of tiles, updated context menus throughout the operating system, and Cortana gets smarter with handwriting recognition and missed call notifications. The Microsoft Edge browser also gets performance and security improvements and tab preview, and a lot more. Continue reading

Windows 10 Update: Scams & More Scams

Week of 11/27/15 — Recently I had a client call me after hours to ask my opinion on something. He said he’d received a call from “Microsoft” stating they’d detected some problems with his computer. I wondered “did they ask you to let them log-on to your computer?…” and he said “Yes.” I informed him to immediately shut the computer down to disconnect them.

Continue reading